Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday's, Haircut, Sleep,

I may never get all of these post done, so I am going to do a few different post in one. These are some pictures from Rheanne's actual birthday day. It is so hard to believe that she is already 3!! When Steven came home for lunch that day, he brought her some flowers and candy! She LOVED getting flowers! When they died, and we had to throw them away, she was REALLY upset! Then when I went to get Steven Paul from school, he wanted to stop and get her a little something, so he picked out some flowers and balloons. She was beyond thrilled when she got even more flowers.He wanted to card to say "I love you sister" then he signed his name.
After dinner that night we went and grabbed some ice cream.Talk about making a huge mess.....but they loved it!
We were eating dinner one night and Harmony decided she would rather sleep. I was trying to feed her but she wasn't having it. She decided sleeping was better.
Rheanne got a haircut a couple of days after her birthday. Her hair was such a mess and I could never do anything with it. It was so long and thin. So I took her in and told them how I wanted it cut!I love her new hair cut. It is darling. When she first saw it, she had a weird look on her face and then said "I look beautiful momma!" She loves it now and it is so much easier to fix.I was worried all of the curls were going to be cut off, but it is still curly!And I can't leave out this handsome boy! Love him to pieces!
On Steven's birthday, we went to eat at Bubbas BBQ and then came home and had some cookie cake! Anxiously awaiting cake!The cake was so good!

He's getting closer to 30!! We had a great time celebrating!Love it!

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Brittney said...

they are SOOOO adorable! Birthdays are the best. Thanks so much for sharing with us! Beautiful family.