Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yummy Meal under $5.00

So I have really got into the whole coupon/compeditor ad thing, and I have to brag on myself and say I went to the store yesterday and saved $11.00!! I went to a store that I knew doubled coupons. I have been inspired by the woman that was on Oprah that paid only $11.00 for a $75.00 bill. She used compeditor ads and doubled coupons. Steven got me a subscrption to the Sunday Oklahoman so that I can get the coupons!! I also made chicken alfredo tonight and when I added it all up it came out to $4.74!! Not many places you can go and feed 4 people on $4.74. It was really yummy and Steven Paul had himself seconds, and for him to eat it (cus hes such a picky eater) it has to be good!

I got this on sale for $1.40 each and had a coupon for .75/2. That coupon doubled so I got 2/1.55

This was on sale in a compeditor ad for $1.99. I had a coupon for .40 off. That coupon doubled and I got it for $1.19.

We buy chicken in bulk from sams, so I divided it out and used $2.00 worth of chicken!

Blog By Steven!

Just to make you aware ...... I have officially been certified to install Dish Network TV. Working at Dish is harder than I anticipated. I took TV programming for granted before this job. Now I realize it is hard work installing a satellite system in homes. If you have any questions about Dish Network, I can help.

My Darling Daughter!

I'm telling you this little girl keeps me on my toes. She is such a mess. Steven Paul's cereal bowl was still sitting on the table from this morning, when Rheanne walks into the dining room and helped herself! All I hear is the spoon hit the floor and I knew what had happened!She had even pushed the chair out of the way so that she could get to the bowl!Oops mom caught me!Eating the cereal that was left in the bowl.Let me get every last drip of milk out of here!
She was playing on the rocking horse before she snuck into the dining room!Rocking on the horse!Giving the horse kissies!!Aw she can be so sweet!

Bubbles, Bubbles, and more Bubbles

Last night for bath time, Steven got the water ready and boy did he add the bubbles!Ha It was so cute, when I walked in there you could barley see the kids threw the bubbles. But as you can see they had so much fun playing in them! The bubbles almost came up to Steven Paul's sholders!
Where is Rheanne??Steven Paul got some in his mouth and HATED it, so hevpoured water on his head to get the taste out of his mouth. At least I know what I can use when he gets older and starts talking back!More bubbles!!Almost started flowing over the tub! So much fun!

Is anybody home?

Tuesday we went to Toys R Us and got the kids a playhouse! They both LOVE it! It is so cute. It has a little doorbell on it and every time you push it no matter where Steven Paul is in the house he will come running to the living room saying,"Is anybody home?" It has a little kitchen in it where Steven Paul "cooks" us food. They have such a blast playing in their playhouse!
Rheanne climbing out the window instead of using the door that is right next to her open!How come I can NEVER get a picture of both of them looking at the camera smiling?Cooking up some food for sister!Serving sister the food that he cooked for her!


We had to take Rheanne to the eye doctor on Tuesday because her pediatrician said that she thought she had a lazy eye. We couldn't see it so we decided to get a 2nd opinion. So we took her to an eye doctor at Children's. The nurse (not sure what they are called at eye places) did a whole bunch of test on her and said that she didn't see it either. They put drops in her eyes to dilate them and we had to wait 30 minutes to see the doctor. The doctor said that she doesn't have a lazy eye. Praise God! But he did say that she would more than likely have to have glasses when she is older since me, my mom, my dad, my grand parents, my great grand parents, Steve's mom, Steve's dad and Steve's sister all have glasses.Hopefully Steven Paul will get his dads vision!
If you look really close you can see her eyes dilated! She was so good during all her test!

Daddy and Me!

Steven Paul stayed home from school on Monday to spend the day with dad! They had a blast! He is starting to become a daddy's boy. They went to the movies and Steven said Steven Paul just had his hand in the popcorn the whole time and he would look up at the movie every so often! He got this cool new Buzz Lightyear toy that he is carrying around as I type! We have to go get him the movie! Wednesday when we were leaving for school, he was crying saying, "I want to stay home with dad and eat popcorn again!" But I told him daddy was a work and they could hang out again soon, just the two of them!
I Love my two boys!!!Look at that goofy face!Watching baseball!!

His new toy! Its so noisy, thanks Dad!!


Here are a few random pictures that I have taken over the past week. They are growing so fast. I can not believe Steven Paul will be 3 in just a few months. I am so excited for the T-ball days. I would love for him to play soccer as well. They can start playing soccer when they are 3. We bought him a t-ball bat and ball and have been teaching him how to hold the bat. He can hit the ball really good! They love playing together (even though Steven Paul gets so frustrated with her at times like right now because she is sitting on his train track laughing at him because he is telling her to get off!)Rheanne is such a DRAMA queen! She is such a hand full but so much fun! I got some nail polish and I am going to paint her nails this week :) I LOVE having a girl, but boys are such a blast too!!
Chunky Monkey! Look at those cheeks!What a silly boy! This is his new smile for most of the pictures I take!Check out her shoe! She was walking around the house with her foot like this, and it didn't even bother her!Our future baseball star!!Miss Prissy walking around carrying her purse!Swing batter batter!!Trying to get their picture together before church on Sunday, but I failed!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Jacksons!

A good friend of mine and her family are moving to Omaha in the next few months, and we are going to miss them so much! We went to a going away party for them on Saturday and it was so great to see everyone. Steven Paul and Matt played and played. They are the best of friends and I'm not sure what we are going to do when they leave. It is about a 7 hour drive, so we may be making that trip a few times. I had to bribe Steven Paul to take a nap before the party and I told him that if he didn't nap then we weren't going to go see Matt and he was out in like 2 minutes! He loves playing with Matt. I wish they were staying around so the girls could grow up buddies like the boys are. Here are a few pictures from the party.
Rheanne had so much fun riding and pushing this car.

Steven Paul eating. He was in LOVE with the chex mix that they had(So was I it was delicious!!!)Matt taking time out from playing to eat!Matt and his Mommy!!!McKenzie and her daddy!!Best Friends Forever! They have so much fun playing together!!Miss McKenzie, I can not believe she is already 8 months old!!Us with our girls!


OK I know this may be to much information, but its to funny not to share! We were heading home today and Rheanne started fussing, Steven Paul says, "Are you trying to poop?" Ha I looked at her and her face was red from pushing and I go, "Aww baby are you constipated?" Steven Paul looks at me with such a serious face and says, "Yea mom, I think she is consterpayton!" Haha I just started laughing so hard. You never know what is going to come out of his mouth!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Pepaw!

Happy birthday Pepaw! Hope that you have an excellent day! Wish that we could be there to celebrate with you.We are so lucky to have you as our Pepaw! Hope that you had a blast at you party. Hope to see you soon! We love and miss you so much!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ready for Summer!

After the bike ride this evening, we came home and started watering the grass. Steven Paul ran threw the sprinkler so I put shoes on Rheanne and she went out there and had so much fun!We defiantly have to get them a little swimming pool for the summer.Rheanne bending down letting the water spray her. She was cracking up.
She tried drinking it like her brother was.
Steven Paul and Rheanne playing in the sprinkler!
Steven Paul trying to drink water from the sprinkler!
Having so much fun playing in the water!
Steven Paul running threw the water.