Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cowboy Hall of Fame

We visited the Cowboy Hall of Fame in OKC on Sunday, and it was so interesting. If you live in OKC or ever come visit you should check it out! They have the cutest childrens part called the Childrens Coral. They can dress up like cowboys, see life size horses and sit on saddles. They have a part that you can walk threw that is like a town back in the old days. It was so neat.They had the most AMAZING painting and scupltures. Here are a few pics of our visit.Steven Paul standing in front of the water fountain.John Guerra hanging out with John Wayne!!The biggest most beautiful painting I have ever seen. They had 5 that were this big!Brother and Sister posing in front of a special saddle.Stangin in front of one of the life size horses. He thought they were real so he kinda got scared to get so close.Our handsome Cowboy!
They had cowboy boots that you could put on, but I know that if he put them on he would NEVER take them off!!Rheanne riding the smallest saddle that I have ever seen! It was tiny, just her size! She was having so much fun sitting on it.Yee Haw!!! How real does that longhorn look in the back??

Random Pics....

Here are a few pictures that I have taken over the past week. Last week we were outside playing, I had to go use the rest room and when I come back out I see this...
I asked him how in the world he got up there and he proceeded to show me how he did it....

He pulled his wagon over to the chairs, climbed in the wagon, then climbed up the chairs! He had the cutest look on his face when he got up there! He is such a monkey!! Ha
Eating a Popsicle. He got a busted lip from playing with Lady!
Rheanne eating her first Popsicle. She got a brain freeze and started screaming!
Standing up and drinking like a big girl! She is growing so fast!
Eating guacamole...she LOVED it!!

~Fun Filled Week~

Steven's parents and Freddie got here last Monday and we have had a busy busy week. We love having them here and hate to see them go home Friday! Steven Paul has been stuck to Memaw's side, only Memaw can take him potty, only Memaw can get him out of the car, only Memaw can push him in the buggy at the store, only Memaw can do anything that pertains to him! They got here Monday around 7 pm and we were under a Tornado watch, Welcome to Oklahoma! Then on Friday and Saturday we had snow! Welcome to Oklahoma!!! Tuesday was Steven's 25th birthday, we went to eat at Toby Keith's then John, Steven and Freddie went to the OKC Thunder vs. LA Lakers game and had so much fun. Wednesday we had a cookout for his birthday and I made him a cake!It was a blast. Steven Paul and Memaw played baseball, while Rheanne played on the slide! We made HOMEMADE tamales on Thursday, they are the best. We made 55 tamales. Only took us like 20 minutes to put together and 6 hours to cook. Definitely worth the wait! Freddie went home on Friday and Friday night we hung out and put Steven Paul's Thomas the Train track together. He loved watching it go around and around! Friday night and Saturday is snowed. We were supposed to have a blizzard so I rescheduled Rheanne's birthday party for this weekend. It did absolutely nothing but snow like 2 inches! But oh well!
Steven's cake! I learned how to make icing so now I wont have to use the store bought! I'm ready to make more cakes!The cooks! We had tri-tip, corn, garlic bread, and Joan's amazing spanish rice, yummy!!Memaw showing off her batting skills and Steven Paul showing off his pitching skills! He was laughing soo hard and having the best of time!Look out our back door and this is what you see! They pulled right up in the back yard!!Now..... Memaw showing off her pitching skills and Steven Paul batting!Blowing out his candles! Steven Paul could NOT wait to have some of Daddy's cake. That's all he kept asking for all day.Sliding down by herself! She kept trying to slide down head first!Had such a fun day he came in and fell asleep on Memaw!All 55 tamales!!Helping spread the masa! We are teaching him young!!After the snow! Not much, just enough to cover the yard!
Building the track, he had every train that he owns on the track!Having so much fun with his trains!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1st Birthday pics!

I got Rheanne's 1st Birthday pics made last week and here are a few! They turned out really good! Her birthday party is this weekend, so I will put some pics of that up later! Enjoy!!

To see all of the pics click on the link and type in BRITTANI GUERRA where it ask for customer name!


Happy Birthday Steven!

Happy Birthday Steven! Hope that you have a WONDERFUL birthday!! I love you so much and Im so happy that you family is here to celebrate with you! Have a blast tonight at the game!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

OKC Thunder!!

Sorry, about your luck, Lakers. March 24, 2009 belongs to the Thunder. Durant goes for 50 points, 15 assists, 13 rebounds and 3 blocks. Get some...OKC wins 105 to 98.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wonderful Weekend!

We had a busy busy weekend last weekend. We went to Texas because a friend of mine was getting married! It was beautiful and I'm so happy she found someone who makes her so happy! Rheanne took 4 steps and she will be running around soon! I'm not real sure that I'm ready for this!!We got a new roof put on yesterday. We had to have it done from when we had that hail storm. Hopefully we won't have to get it done again anytime soon! The flowers that I planted a few weeks ago are blooming! They are beautiful and I can wait for them to be completely bloomed.Steven's parents are coming in this weekend for around 10 days and we couldnt be more excited!! We havent seen them since October so we cant wait!!
Jodie at her bachelorette/lingerie party!!
All of us right before the wedding started! We had such a blast!!
The couple saying their vows.......
Rheanne being such a big girl during the ceremony!!

Aiden, the cutest ring bearer ever!

Steven and me after the wedding!

The BEAUTIFUL centerpieces at the reception! I love tulips!

Rheanne walking to her brother! She gets so excited!

In the middle of getting our new roof!

My flowers! Im so excited they are blooming!!