Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Boo Boo

Aww our baby boy got his first major Boo Boo (you know you are a parent when you start saying boo boo) last night. Steven heard a ruckus in his room, when he went in there Steven Paul had a gash that was bleeding pretty bad. He got a towel to put on it till we could get to the ER. It had went all the way threw, thank goodness he didn't chip any teeth. The doctor glued it back together.I'm so glad they didn't do stiches cus he is TERRIFIED of needles. They said if they glued it he wouldn't have as big of a scar. He was such a big boy about it. He had stopped crying before we even got out of the driveway and cried a little bit when the doc was doing the glue. We tried to get him to show us what happen when we got home, but we got a different story everytime, so we are not real sure what happen. He told Steven he hit the air vent on the floor, he told me he hit the wall, then he told us he hit the TV stand, which is what we think what happen. It's really wierd though cus the only place that there is blood on the floor is on his rug which is right in the middle of his room and there is nothing around it, so this is a mystery that is still unsolved. Here are a few pics of him after we got home from the hospital.
He is such a big boy, still has a smile on his face.
Today it is swollen and has pus. It makes me so sad cus I know it was painful. I wish I could take the pain for him.

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