Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wonderful Weekend!

We had a busy busy weekend last weekend. We went to Texas because a friend of mine was getting married! It was beautiful and I'm so happy she found someone who makes her so happy! Rheanne took 4 steps and she will be running around soon! I'm not real sure that I'm ready for this!!We got a new roof put on yesterday. We had to have it done from when we had that hail storm. Hopefully we won't have to get it done again anytime soon! The flowers that I planted a few weeks ago are blooming! They are beautiful and I can wait for them to be completely bloomed.Steven's parents are coming in this weekend for around 10 days and we couldnt be more excited!! We havent seen them since October so we cant wait!!
Jodie at her bachelorette/lingerie party!!
All of us right before the wedding started! We had such a blast!!
The couple saying their vows.......
Rheanne being such a big girl during the ceremony!!

Aiden, the cutest ring bearer ever!

Steven and me after the wedding!

The BEAUTIFUL centerpieces at the reception! I love tulips!

Rheanne walking to her brother! She gets so excited!

In the middle of getting our new roof!

My flowers! Im so excited they are blooming!!

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