Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cowboy Hall of Fame

We visited the Cowboy Hall of Fame in OKC on Sunday, and it was so interesting. If you live in OKC or ever come visit you should check it out! They have the cutest childrens part called the Childrens Coral. They can dress up like cowboys, see life size horses and sit on saddles. They have a part that you can walk threw that is like a town back in the old days. It was so neat.They had the most AMAZING painting and scupltures. Here are a few pics of our visit.Steven Paul standing in front of the water fountain.John Guerra hanging out with John Wayne!!The biggest most beautiful painting I have ever seen. They had 5 that were this big!Brother and Sister posing in front of a special saddle.Stangin in front of one of the life size horses. He thought they were real so he kinda got scared to get so close.Our handsome Cowboy!
They had cowboy boots that you could put on, but I know that if he put them on he would NEVER take them off!!Rheanne riding the smallest saddle that I have ever seen! It was tiny, just her size! She was having so much fun sitting on it.Yee Haw!!! How real does that longhorn look in the back??

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Lindsay and Co. said...

Aren't those massive paintings amazing? I could just stand and look at them for hours.