Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Bahahaha I can't help but laugh when I look at this pic!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Party Time!

Finally I can get back into blogging. My mom and grandma were here visiting, so we did nothing but hang out, shop, shop and shop some more! It was so great seeing them! Finally after almost a month, here is the post on Rheanne's birthday party. She wanted a Tinkerbell birthday and talked about it for months. She would ask everyone "Are you going to come to my birthday?" She had a blast. Thanks to everyone who made it to celebrate!

Monday, March 28, 2011

March Randomness

Here are some random pictures from March! I have more but they are still on my camera and I have not transferred them to my computer yet. I am a couple of weeks behind. We have been so busy these past 2 weeks I never get a chance to sit down until it's bed time. Steven Paul has spring break for 2 weeks starting next week, so I am going to try and catch up on some blogging, picture printing, etc. Being super silly in Harmony's high chair.
Looking at Bubba!

Go #3!!

Steven Paul is in his first year of t-ball and he finally has warmed up a little. They have only had a scrimmage and one game because the other 3 games got cancelled due to the rain we had for over a week straight. Tonight they play and we are so excited! Meme and Nana are coming to visit tomorrow, and will be able to see the game on Saturday! We all have our shirts on and ready to go watch the Rangers! Playing 2nd Base!Running home.....whoo hoo!

Cheering on her brother! She kept yelling "Go Bubba Go," and keeping everyone in the stands entertained!Even Harmony was happy to watch her brother play!Running to 3rd!

On 3rd and Steven is coaching.

Children's Museum

Steven Paul had a field trip the other day to the Children's Museum in town. It was right down the road from the school, so the class was able to walk. Steven had the day off, so we all made it a family outing and had so much fun! When we were leaving, Steven Paul said "Can we please come back tomorrow?" I think we might take Meme and Nana there to play when they come visit this week! The museum is an old fire station, so they had a fire truck in there that the kids could play on.
Climbing on the tree house.This was the "Stomping Grapes" activity. All the kids loved the ball pit!Of course he went straight for the train table! This kid loves him some trains.Got tired from trying to stomp grapes!Harmony was so good! She loved watching all the kids. I had to take a picture of her not crying in her car seat, because this never happens! She usually SCREAMS the whole time!Rheanne shopping the the super market!

Taking my order!Cooking me up some pizza!Serving my pizza!Once Steven Paul found the piano, he stayed there playing it until it was time to go. Who knows, maybe we will have a piano player on our hands.

They had so many awesome activities at the museum. They had painting, a theatre where the kids could dress up and put on a play, a craft section, reading, etc. It was so much fun!