Monday, March 28, 2011

Go #3!!

Steven Paul is in his first year of t-ball and he finally has warmed up a little. They have only had a scrimmage and one game because the other 3 games got cancelled due to the rain we had for over a week straight. Tonight they play and we are so excited! Meme and Nana are coming to visit tomorrow, and will be able to see the game on Saturday! We all have our shirts on and ready to go watch the Rangers! Playing 2nd Base!Running home.....whoo hoo!

Cheering on her brother! She kept yelling "Go Bubba Go," and keeping everyone in the stands entertained!Even Harmony was happy to watch her brother play!Running to 3rd!

On 3rd and Steven is coaching.

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MeMe Tosh said...

So glad I got to see him play!!! He did so good! hit 3 times off the coach!! yea!!
Go No. 3!!!!!

Love ya'll!
MeMe Tosh