Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday J.C!

Last Friday morning I made the mistake of telling Steven Paul that we were going to a birthday party on Saturday! All I heard was "When is the birthday party?" When I told him it was the next day he said "Let's go home so I can go to sleep and then go to the birthday party." We were outside after school and heard a band playing at the high school and he said, "Mom I think that is the birthday party starting come on we have to go!"
They had so much fun at the party! It was at Jump Zone! If you have never been you should take your kids! We had never been there before and we defiantly have to go back! Both kids did not want to leave, they would have stayed there all day if I would have let them!

He was being such a good big brother and helping Rheanne up places that she needed help with!Rheanne had a hard time climbing up on some of the taller inflatables, but she found a way to get up!Sliding down the firetruck slide!Sliding down the mini slide! Jump, jump, jump!Having a blast jumping!J.C. trying out his tricycle! He is such a cutie!Steven Paul watching J.C open his gifts!And then Rheanne wanted to join him!Such a cute cake!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Poory Guy!

Guess who woke up with croup....
and a 100.2 temp! Hope he gets better soon!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Shots, Shots, and more Shots!

We took the kids to the doctor for check-ups and shots last Tuesday! Steven Paul just had to get one shot and Rheanne went in for her 18 month check up and she had to get four shots! It was so sad. While we were waiting the doctor came in and asked if it was ok that her intern came in, we said sure and to our surprise it was one of our friends! We had not seen her in a while so it was good seeing her and catching up. Rheanne weighed 28lbs 15oz and was 33 inches long! She is in the 90% for both weight and height! I felt so bad for her but she did great! As soon as she got the shots she screamed MOMMY! It was sooo sad! Steven Paul was such a big boy and did great! We will all be getting flu shots soon so hopefully we can stay well this winter!
Being such a good boy waiting for the doctor!Trying to keep her entertained while we wait!Silly boy!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Challenge!

Today at church Pastor Craig preached a service that I have been needing to hear. It was about addiction! I know when we say addiction most people think of drugs, or drinking but as Pastor Craig put it "Addiction is anything that we are seeking to find what only God can provide in something besides God himself. It doesn't matter if it is drinking, smoking, eating, shopping, checking you facebook every 5 minutes whatever it is, it can not do for us what God can. An addiction is something that has power over us. We think that we can not make it threw the day without it. So he asked us what our addictions were and I have 3. Shopping, Drinking Soda ( I know it sounds silly but I think that I have to have them to make it threw the day) and being on the computer. So the first step of getting over an addiction is admitting it. So I am going to make my own personal 30 day challenge to try and get over my addictions. This will have to start tomorrow because I drank a soda on the way to church, and went to Wal-Mart.
-----I am not going to buy anything unless we can not live without it
(ex. food, gas) this means no fast food, going to garage sales, buying stuff just because its a great deal.This is going to be my hardest challenge because I shop EVERYDAY!
-----No more soda! I could not tell you the last time I drank water. All I do is drink soda after soda everyday!
-----I am going to limit my computer time. During the week I will only get on after the kids have gone to bed and only stay on for 30 minutes. On the weekends I will get on only once during the day and that will be when the kids are napping.
So there you have it! What is it that you are addicted to? Maybe it's eating, working, drinking, smoking, being on the computer, porn, whatever it is I encourage you to take this challenge with me! It's going to be super hard, but whenever you go to do whatever your addiction is, just think, I will NOT be controlled by anything but God. What does that addiction have that God can not give to you? NOTHING!!

Please listen to his message, it will help you get started on getting over your addiction! Good Luck!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jesus Loves Me, etc.

Steven Paul was singing Jesus Loves Me and then he sings "I am so glad Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me, I am so glad Jesus loves me, Jesus loves you and me and dad and lady and sister."

Steven Paul has been singing and talking all day, and when I say ALL day I mean Allllll day! He comes over and says " I need to rest my voice." That lasted a whole 2 seconds!

We were getting gas and there was a dog in the truck next to us, Steven Paul says, " Mom look at that puppy, he is starting at me "He is saying Steven Paul needs a new puppy," Mom I think he wants us to take him home!"

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my in-laws 40th wedding anniversary!
Congrats to the most amazing in-laws ever! I am so lucky that I married into such an amazing family! I could not have asked for a better one! Hope that yall have many more blessed years! Have fun on you trip and we hope that you enjoy your champagne! We love y'all so much!

Friday, September 25, 2009

The cutest kids EVER!

I know I am a little biased, but my kids are so stinking cute! Steven Paul is the sweetest kid and Rheanne is such a mess! She can be so snugly and lovey and then be a little stinker! She is obsessed with shoes! As soon as she wakes up she points to get closet and says SHOES! She even knows how to put them on! She even sleeps with them!Carrying around her lunchbox like a purse!I would have more pictures of Steven Paul but he always covers his face! If I do get one it is a silly one like this!Sweet girl!She looks like such a big girl! She is growing so fast!
Maybe she is going to be a piano player!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm Baaaack!!

I know recently I have been beginning every post with "Sorry I have not posted I have been so busy...blah blah blah...." So I'm back to my old blogging self! I'm making a promise to all my blog reading buddies that I will start posting everyday! Even if it is a venting post about how stressful my day was working 7am till 6 pm with kids who have no idea how to listen(my day today)! Last Friday I asked to get off work early because I was heading to Texas for the weekend to get the kids back! Yea I got to get off early.....20 minutes early! WOW! Anyways, I made it to Texas late Friday night and my mom had kept the kids awake so I could see them! Rheanne did not know what to think of me with my haircut and contacts instead of glasses! I missed them so much! Saturday we woke up and went to the Chick Fest where they have little booths set up, a parade, and some games. The kids enjoyed it and then we headed home! That night we had dinner with some great family friends! It was so great seeing them and getting to catch up! Sunday we woke up and hit the road about 10am! It was a LOOONNNGGG drive home but we finally made it!Steven Paul enjoying the parade even though he does not look very excited!Jennifer and I! She recently found out she is pregnant and we are SO excited for her! My handsome son at dinner!Jennifer's son Matheo! He is a silly boy!I loved this pink car! Maybe one day...............I can dream!Rheanne watching the parade!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary (2 Days Late)!

Wednesday Steven and I celebrated 3 years of marriage! I would had posted about it but we had yet another great date night! First off he totally surprised me with beautiful roses at work!I was not expecting them at all since it was my year to plan.When I got home from work Steven was dressed up and told me to get ready and that we were going to Warren Theatre! If you have never been you have to go! It's amazing! We went to see Sorority Row! SCARY! Then when we got home, we crashed! Thursday, we went to eat and then came home and watched Henry Poole is Here and Sunshine Cleaning! It has been so amazing just the two of us but we are so ready to have our kids back home!
My BEAUTIFUL roses!Us on the balcony at Warren Theatre!I love roses!

Now let me brag on my hubby! He is the most amazing husband! I am so lucky that God chose him to be my partner! He is the hardest working man I know! He works 5 sometimes 6 days a week OUTSIDE for 10-13 hour days! He would do anything for our family and I am so lucky to have him! Thanks John and Joan for raising such an amazing son! I love you so much babe, and I can not wait to spend many many more wonderful years with you! I can't wait to grow old with you ! I love you! Thanks for all you do!

Happy Birthday Chelsey!

Tuesday was Chelsey's birthday, so Steve and I went to dinner at Chili's with her and her family! They have the cutest little girls and we enjoyed spending time and getting to know her family! Chelsey started working at Children's New World 3 weeks after me! We have became such great friends in the short time that we have known each other! I seriously feel like I have known her for years! Her daughter Abbey is in my class and I just love her! I'm so excited to have them over for dinner! Chelsey,Matilda,Taylan,Abbey,and TJ!Me and the birthday girl!

Date Night 2

Sorry I have been MIA for a few days because I have been spending lots of date nights with the hubby before I go and get the kids TODAY! We are so ready for them to be home! Last Saturday I went garage sailing with two of my friends from work! We had a blast! Then Chelsy and I went to get my hair chopped off and then to Old Paris Flea Market (where I was freaked out because it was in the ghetto and I thought we were going to be shot, thanks Chelsy ha jk). I found Steven some cologne that he has been looking for and has not been able to find it! I was so excited that I found it and decided that this was the night we were going to celebrate our anniversary! When I got home I got dressed up and waited for Steven to get home! I made reservations at The Melting Pot for 8:15!When he got home he was in total shock! He did not know that I was going to get a hair cut, he was so excited about the cologne and he had no idea where we were going to go! I told him to just get ready and I was going to drive to our mystery place! We get to The Melting Pot and only had to wait a few minutes before we had our 4 course meal! It was yummy but oh so expensive! But it was totally worth it because our anniversary only happens once a year!
This was the main dish, it had lots of different meats on it!Love the fake smile Steve!The best part of the whole meal....DESSERT!Yummy Cookies and Cream Fondue!Cooking our veggies!It was a great date night!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5 Easy Ways to Wreck Your Life!

We started a new series at church on Sunday called 5 Easy Ways To Wreck Your Life! The topic on Sunday was about committing adultery! The preacher did an amazing job and was hilarious! I really think that every married couple needs to watch this video! Check it out here!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Mimmy!

Today Mimmy would have been 89!! I miss her more than ever and it is starting to actually hit me that she is not here anymore. I picked up the phone to call her the other day and then just cried remembering that I could not talk to her anymore. Our neighbors are old and they remind me so much of Papa and Mimmy.They had what I am guessing was their great-grand daughter the other day and they drove by the house and she was just looking out the window and I just started crying thinking that used to be me with Mimmy!

Happy Birthday Mimmy! I miss you more than you will ever know and I think about you daily!I love you!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yummy to My Tummy

Just posted a couple of good recipes at Yummy to My Tummy!!

Date Night 1

So since the kids are in Texas, Steven and I have really been enjoying our time together just the two of us. They went to Texas on Monday, and while Steve was working, I went out and hit up a few stores that I would never take the kids into.When he got off we went to eat at If you have never been there you really need to go its great!Then we just came home and relaxed and finally went to bed early! He was off on Tuesday, so as soon as I got off, we went to eat at Louies! It's a great place to go grab drinks and food. The chicken tenders are amazing! We sat and talked for a while about our college days! Then we went bowling! It was league night so there were all these good bowlers (including my hubby) and then there was ME! Ha I'm not a good bowler at all but it is so much fun!I am sore (I think that means I'm getting old)! You cant end a date night without going to Ha we went to pick up a few items that we have been needing.We then came home and stayed up till 1:00am watching
Giuliana & Bill. It is a very funny reality show!Check out the website for a schedule of air time! Yesterday we both had to work, so I made dinner and then we just hung out! I'm so excited for our anniversary! I can't wait to see what we are going to do!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Special Gown

My mom found this night gown that Mimmy made for me when I was little and now it fits Rheanne perfectly! It is so sweet that she can wear something that means so much!

Mimmy's Service

I have been needing to write this post for a while. Mimmy's service was beautiful! I have always said that since we were so close that I would speak at her funeral and I did! I was so shocked with myself that I was able to get up in front of a crowd and talk about my Mimmy without breaking down! I have always pictured myself just breaking down and being depressed when Mimmy passed away, but it was totally different! I cried when I found out that she had 24 hours, I cried when I found out she passed and I cried when I went into the funeral home and saw her! She looked BEAUTIFUL and so peaceful! I shed a few tears at the service,but this funeral was so different from any funeral I have ever been to because I am so happy for her. She was like a second mom to me but ever since Papa passed away last year she has been so miserable and it was so hard seeing her like that. She would not talk to anyone anymore and if she did all she would say was "I don't want to be here, I want to be with Papa."She talked to me for the first time about a week before she passed where she did not tell me that she didn't want to be here anymore. I miss her so much but I know she is better off and her and Papa are so happy being together.
I told Steven Paul that Mimmy was in heaven with Jesus and Papa now. At the viewing I did not want him to see her because I thought he would get scared. Well he saw her and said "What is Mimmy doing over there laying in that thing (the casket)?"I explained to him again that she was in heaven and he said he wanted to see her. I picked him up and he looked at her and said "She looks so pretty."
These are the words I spoke at her service(I took most of them off the post I wrote when I found out she had passed)
Mimmy was the most amazing woman I have ever met.She would do anything for anyone. I have so many wonderful memories of her that I will never forget. Growing up I looked up to her so much and still do. She was a great role model for me and many other people. When I would spend summer's at Papa and Mimmy's house, I would get a poster board,chalk,her old school papers and set my baby dolls up like they were my students and teach them. I would tell Mimmy "I want to be a teacher just like you."I'm so thankful for the summer's and day's that I spent with them. She gave me the best childhood any child could have. I'm not going to lie, my Mimmy spoiled me! I will never forget our shopping trips to the mall, playing with her clip on earrings and dress up jewelry, taking me to softball camp, rubbing my back with baby powder until I fell asleep, going to the zoo, picnics at the park, letting me and Bo take turns driving down the driveway when we could barley see over the steering wheel, taking trips to Mississippi to see her sisters, going to check on Papa and Bo when they were working on the farm, going to the beauty shop and hearing all the gossip, going to church and letting me sleep on her lap while the preacher was speaking, going with her to meetings that she had with her friends or church group, sending me just because I'm thinking of you notes when I went off to college. My most vivid memory is working in the garden. I have a picture of me holding some carrots that we picked and I am wearing her shower cap and one of her duster night gowns with the biggest smile ever on my face. I am so glad that I was able to talk to her before she passed away. She laughed and sounded like the Mimmy that I remember. She talked to my son Steven Paul and that made her day! The way her face would light up when she would see Steven Paul and Rheanne was priceless.
I want to thank Papa Chad for taking care of her this past year. It was one of the hardest jobs ever and you did such a great job! You are such an amazing man and I am sure you have many jewels added to your crown for what you have done.
I love you Mimmy so much and its going to be so hard without you, but I know you are so much happier being with Papa.I miss you so much already but I will see you again.
Mom,me and Aunt Megan before the service.My beautiful aunt and me!All of Mimmy's beautiful flowers!
The beautiful arrangement my in-laws sent.Beautiful arrangement my Nana sent!Mimmy's gorgeous casket piece!
The arrangement from the great and great great grand kids!