Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Challenge!

Today at church Pastor Craig preached a service that I have been needing to hear. It was about addiction! I know when we say addiction most people think of drugs, or drinking but as Pastor Craig put it "Addiction is anything that we are seeking to find what only God can provide in something besides God himself. It doesn't matter if it is drinking, smoking, eating, shopping, checking you facebook every 5 minutes whatever it is, it can not do for us what God can. An addiction is something that has power over us. We think that we can not make it threw the day without it. So he asked us what our addictions were and I have 3. Shopping, Drinking Soda ( I know it sounds silly but I think that I have to have them to make it threw the day) and being on the computer. So the first step of getting over an addiction is admitting it. So I am going to make my own personal 30 day challenge to try and get over my addictions. This will have to start tomorrow because I drank a soda on the way to church, and went to Wal-Mart.
-----I am not going to buy anything unless we can not live without it
(ex. food, gas) this means no fast food, going to garage sales, buying stuff just because its a great deal.This is going to be my hardest challenge because I shop EVERYDAY!
-----No more soda! I could not tell you the last time I drank water. All I do is drink soda after soda everyday!
-----I am going to limit my computer time. During the week I will only get on after the kids have gone to bed and only stay on for 30 minutes. On the weekends I will get on only once during the day and that will be when the kids are napping.
So there you have it! What is it that you are addicted to? Maybe it's eating, working, drinking, smoking, being on the computer, porn, whatever it is I encourage you to take this challenge with me! It's going to be super hard, but whenever you go to do whatever your addiction is, just think, I will NOT be controlled by anything but God. What does that addiction have that God can not give to you? NOTHING!!

Please listen to his message, it will help you get started on getting over your addiction! Good Luck!


The Queen of Clearance. said...

good luck with these! The computer and shopping thing would be sooo tough for me...but I dont drink soda! So that one would be easy! Let us know how this is going!

Megan said...

No Wal Mart and no coke------you will be a new woman!!I would have to say my addiction would be sweets(not cokes though--I like to eat my calories instead of drink them). I just started Weight Watchers because I have to be held accountable. Good luck with yours. I'll keep you posted on mine. Miss and love you-Me