Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm Baaaack!!

I know recently I have been beginning every post with "Sorry I have not posted I have been so busy...blah blah blah...." So I'm back to my old blogging self! I'm making a promise to all my blog reading buddies that I will start posting everyday! Even if it is a venting post about how stressful my day was working 7am till 6 pm with kids who have no idea how to listen(my day today)! Last Friday I asked to get off work early because I was heading to Texas for the weekend to get the kids back! Yea I got to get off early.....20 minutes early! WOW! Anyways, I made it to Texas late Friday night and my mom had kept the kids awake so I could see them! Rheanne did not know what to think of me with my haircut and contacts instead of glasses! I missed them so much! Saturday we woke up and went to the Chick Fest where they have little booths set up, a parade, and some games. The kids enjoyed it and then we headed home! That night we had dinner with some great family friends! It was so great seeing them and getting to catch up! Sunday we woke up and hit the road about 10am! It was a LOOONNNGGG drive home but we finally made it!Steven Paul enjoying the parade even though he does not look very excited!Jennifer and I! She recently found out she is pregnant and we are SO excited for her! My handsome son at dinner!Jennifer's son Matheo! He is a silly boy!I loved this pink car! Maybe one day...............I can dream!Rheanne watching the parade!

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MeMe Tosh said...

I really enjoyed the grandkids for 2 weeks!!!! they are such a joy and Rheanne is a MESS!! Can't wait to get them again!!