Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday J.C!

Last Friday morning I made the mistake of telling Steven Paul that we were going to a birthday party on Saturday! All I heard was "When is the birthday party?" When I told him it was the next day he said "Let's go home so I can go to sleep and then go to the birthday party." We were outside after school and heard a band playing at the high school and he said, "Mom I think that is the birthday party starting come on we have to go!"
They had so much fun at the party! It was at Jump Zone! If you have never been you should take your kids! We had never been there before and we defiantly have to go back! Both kids did not want to leave, they would have stayed there all day if I would have let them!

He was being such a good big brother and helping Rheanne up places that she needed help with!Rheanne had a hard time climbing up on some of the taller inflatables, but she found a way to get up!Sliding down the firetruck slide!Sliding down the mini slide! Jump, jump, jump!Having a blast jumping!J.C. trying out his tricycle! He is such a cutie!Steven Paul watching J.C open his gifts!And then Rheanne wanted to join him!Such a cute cake!

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The Queen of Clearance. said...

That cake is the cutest cake ever! So cute! that party looks like it was a lot of fun!