Monday, September 7, 2009

Goodwill,Garage Sales,Clearance

This has been a great shopping weekend for me! I got some GREAT deals! Oh how I love saving money!I went to Goodwill and found this dress for 4.99! It looks brand new and I am going to wear it when we go out for our anniversary next week!

Then I went to Target where I got the best deals ever! I got Rheanne a lot of clothes for next summer for SO cheap!
That's right! Each piece was $1.74!!I got Steven Paul some swim trunks for next summer for $1.98! He also needed some new underwear and I could not pass up getting 3 pair for $2.87!!They have all their school supplies on sale so I grabbed a few items! Rheanne is going to love coloring with these $.48 crayons!My hubby and kiddos get eat up by mosquito's every time they step foot outside so I found this insect repellent for....
Saturday morning we did our usual, get up, go get donuts and hit up garage sales1 This weekend I just took $10.00 and got a few great deals! I could not pass up this mirror! It is big and solid wood! I got it for $8.50!! We have been looking for something to go on the wall in the living room and this is going to be great!Even Steven Paul enjoys looking at himself in it!
Rheanne a sweet lil dress that I can put tights and a shirt under for $1.00!
Last but not least a basket that is being used as a dirty clothes hamper in the guest bathroom for $.50 and never been opened paccis for $.25! Those things are expensive in stores!Those are my great finds for this weekend! Can't wait to see what I find next week!


The Queen of Clearance said...

Im jealous of your finds! I have not entered a store since school started back up! When all of my schedule post are done, I don't know what I am going to do! lol. I love the basket for only 50 cents! That is amazing. Also all of those target deals are awesome and makes me super jealous because I looove target clearance and I am missing out! Great finds!

kasandria said...

Wow you did an awesome savings job!