Monday, March 28, 2011

Children's Museum

Steven Paul had a field trip the other day to the Children's Museum in town. It was right down the road from the school, so the class was able to walk. Steven had the day off, so we all made it a family outing and had so much fun! When we were leaving, Steven Paul said "Can we please come back tomorrow?" I think we might take Meme and Nana there to play when they come visit this week! The museum is an old fire station, so they had a fire truck in there that the kids could play on.
Climbing on the tree house.This was the "Stomping Grapes" activity. All the kids loved the ball pit!Of course he went straight for the train table! This kid loves him some trains.Got tired from trying to stomp grapes!Harmony was so good! She loved watching all the kids. I had to take a picture of her not crying in her car seat, because this never happens! She usually SCREAMS the whole time!Rheanne shopping the the super market!

Taking my order!Cooking me up some pizza!Serving my pizza!Once Steven Paul found the piano, he stayed there playing it until it was time to go. Who knows, maybe we will have a piano player on our hands.

They had so many awesome activities at the museum. They had painting, a theatre where the kids could dress up and put on a play, a craft section, reading, etc. It was so much fun!

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