Tuesday, March 31, 2009

~Fun Filled Week~

Steven's parents and Freddie got here last Monday and we have had a busy busy week. We love having them here and hate to see them go home Friday! Steven Paul has been stuck to Memaw's side, only Memaw can take him potty, only Memaw can get him out of the car, only Memaw can push him in the buggy at the store, only Memaw can do anything that pertains to him! They got here Monday around 7 pm and we were under a Tornado watch, Welcome to Oklahoma! Then on Friday and Saturday we had snow! Welcome to Oklahoma!!! Tuesday was Steven's 25th birthday, we went to eat at Toby Keith's then John, Steven and Freddie went to the OKC Thunder vs. LA Lakers game and had so much fun. Wednesday we had a cookout for his birthday and I made him a cake!It was a blast. Steven Paul and Memaw played baseball, while Rheanne played on the slide! We made HOMEMADE tamales on Thursday, they are the best. We made 55 tamales. Only took us like 20 minutes to put together and 6 hours to cook. Definitely worth the wait! Freddie went home on Friday and Friday night we hung out and put Steven Paul's Thomas the Train track together. He loved watching it go around and around! Friday night and Saturday is snowed. We were supposed to have a blizzard so I rescheduled Rheanne's birthday party for this weekend. It did absolutely nothing but snow like 2 inches! But oh well!
Steven's cake! I learned how to make icing so now I wont have to use the store bought! I'm ready to make more cakes!The cooks! We had tri-tip, corn, garlic bread, and Joan's amazing spanish rice, yummy!!Memaw showing off her batting skills and Steven Paul showing off his pitching skills! He was laughing soo hard and having the best of time!Look out our back door and this is what you see! They pulled right up in the back yard!!Now..... Memaw showing off her pitching skills and Steven Paul batting!Blowing out his candles! Steven Paul could NOT wait to have some of Daddy's cake. That's all he kept asking for all day.Sliding down by herself! She kept trying to slide down head first!Had such a fun day he came in and fell asleep on Memaw!All 55 tamales!!Helping spread the masa! We are teaching him young!!After the snow! Not much, just enough to cover the yard!
Building the track, he had every train that he owns on the track!Having so much fun with his trains!

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