Monday, March 2, 2009


Not much has been going on around here. We had a few days of nice weather and then it turned right back to the 40's. It is supposed to be cold tomorrow and then nice the rest of the week but we will see, we are in Oklahoma the weather changes every minute!! Rheanne will be 1 in 16 days! It's so hard to believe, she is still into EVERYTHING and I am sure it will only get worse as she gets older. My in-laws are coming to visit on the 21st and staying about 10 days! We are sooo excited and counting down the days. It has been 5 months since we last saw them! Steven Paul is still cracking us up. He has the biggest imagination, he was in the bath the other day and had a scratch on each of his knee's, I asked him what happen and he told me that a red and a blue shark bit him when he was at Meme and Popas house and that Meme told the sharks no and it was not nice to bite. Then he said a pink shark bit him on his cheak but that was ok cus his grandma spanked its butt. We were leaving school today and he had a place on his face and I asked him what happen and he said a yellow shark bit him and I asked him if he told it no and he said, "No, Miss Ginny (his teacher at school) put it in time out!" Haha I have NO idea where he is coming up with all this shark stuff, but it is pretty funny. Then we were driving home from school today and he says, "I want the checkbook mom," and I said " You do, for what?" and he says, "So I can go and buy some more trains."Ha he is starting young!Hope everyone is doing good!!
I was trying to get Rheanne to smile and Steven Paul came and stood beside me making sounds and waving his arm to make her smile, and.................................

SHE DID!!! She loves her brother so much!!

After a long day of playing at school!
Playing outside on one of the beautiful days!! I can't wait till he can start playing outside everyday, he loves being outside!

Driving while reading a book called "Turtle on the Road."

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