Thursday, April 30, 2009


We had to take Rheanne to the eye doctor on Tuesday because her pediatrician said that she thought she had a lazy eye. We couldn't see it so we decided to get a 2nd opinion. So we took her to an eye doctor at Children's. The nurse (not sure what they are called at eye places) did a whole bunch of test on her and said that she didn't see it either. They put drops in her eyes to dilate them and we had to wait 30 minutes to see the doctor. The doctor said that she doesn't have a lazy eye. Praise God! But he did say that she would more than likely have to have glasses when she is older since me, my mom, my dad, my grand parents, my great grand parents, Steve's mom, Steve's dad and Steve's sister all have glasses.Hopefully Steven Paul will get his dads vision!
If you look really close you can see her eyes dilated! She was so good during all her test!

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