Thursday, April 16, 2009

My lovely kiddos!

The other day, we seriously stayed outside ALL day. It was so beautiful.We went out after breakfast, then they got up from nap at 1:45 and we headed outside. We came in at around 6:30 to eat dinner. Steven had the day off so it was perfect. Him and Steven Paul played basketball and had a blast. I have finally got them on a sleeping schedule and seriously I don't know why I didn't do this months ago. When we have another one, I will defiantly get that baby on the same schedule ASAP!! We start getting ready for bed about 7:15. Take baths, brush teeth, read a book, and they are both in their own beds at 8:00!!! Its really nice to just have a few hours of peace and quiet before we go to bed. Then they both take a nap at 12:00 and usually will sleep till 1:45. They have this same sleeping pattern at school so I am keeping them on it even when we are at home. Rheanne will also take another nap around 4:00. Its great!
We went to the mall yesterday to play and Steven Paul got to see his friends Jacie and Ethan. He has not seen them in so long. On the way there he kept telling me to tell whoever I was talking to on the phone that we were going to see Jacie and Ethan! He was soo excited!! On the way home after church he says, "Mom I want a cookie from the mall." I told him that the mall was closed and he says, " Well go get the keys and unlock it so I can get a cookie!" Haha I wish it was that easy!! I am listening to him singing to his sister and she is just laughing hysterically at him right now. He loves entertaining her!
Well we are headed back outside for a couple of hours before I have to start dinner. Such a beautiful day and tomorrow it is supposed to rain so we have to soak up the sun while we can!!
This was from Sunday heading home from picking them up from my parents. Sleeping beauty!Daddy and Steven Paul playing basketball! He shoots........He scores!!!!Watching brother and daddy play basketball from the slide!Walking everywhere!! She gets so mad at herself if she falls, she will scream then get right back up and start walking.What a big girl!!

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Megan said...

See----I told you having your nights is great!!!! It's about time you listen to your old aunt!!! I finally figured out how to leave comments. Let's talk soon--I still need your address!!!Rheanne's card is still sitting here!!!I love your blog and being able to keep up with you (since you are not on FB). Talk to you soon!!!Love you-Megan