Saturday, April 11, 2009

Only in Oklahoma!

The weather has been CRAZY here the past few days! From freezing cold, to high winds, to hot, back to cold, blah blah blah! I am so sick of it. I wish that it would just make its mind up what it wants to do. I pray for all those families who have lost everything to the raging fires. The other day it was sooo windy, Steven and I were driving down the highway to Warren Theatre (if you live in OK and you haven't been there, you have to go, its amazing) when all of a sudden the 18 wheeler in front of us just flips over on its side. Praise God that all of us had enough time to stop so we didn't run into him. The driver climbed out of the passenger side and luckily walked away. It was so scary! The weather is BEAUTIFUL today, but it is supposed to rain tomorrow! Maybe soon it will just stay beautiful for a few days at least.

Both kids are in Texas with my parents. They left on Wednesday and we are meeting them half way tomorrow to pick them up. Steven and I have been having a great time just spending time with each other.We went to the movies, out to eat, (its so nice just to say there are only 2 instead of 3, a booster seat and a high chair)shopping with no stroller, and I have gone to a few stores that I have been wanting to go to but you cant take kids in because the stroller don't fit, or the kids will break something. I went to garage sales this morning, I also got a new toy.......
a vacuum!! HA! Its the Dyson ball animal! It is so amazing! I cant believe how much our old vacuum was leaving behind! It grosses me out to think that my babies have been on the floor playing and crawling around with how dirty it is! I have vacuumed 4 times since yesterday and still I am getting so much dirt, hair, and who knows what else out of my carpet! GROSS!!!


Lindsay and Co. said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE my Dyson animal. It won't disappoint.

karen said...

I love my yellow Dyson (but it doesn't have the ball thingy). It's amazing what that thing sucks out of your carpet.