Thursday, April 30, 2009


Here are a few random pictures that I have taken over the past week. They are growing so fast. I can not believe Steven Paul will be 3 in just a few months. I am so excited for the T-ball days. I would love for him to play soccer as well. They can start playing soccer when they are 3. We bought him a t-ball bat and ball and have been teaching him how to hold the bat. He can hit the ball really good! They love playing together (even though Steven Paul gets so frustrated with her at times like right now because she is sitting on his train track laughing at him because he is telling her to get off!)Rheanne is such a DRAMA queen! She is such a hand full but so much fun! I got some nail polish and I am going to paint her nails this week :) I LOVE having a girl, but boys are such a blast too!!
Chunky Monkey! Look at those cheeks!What a silly boy! This is his new smile for most of the pictures I take!Check out her shoe! She was walking around the house with her foot like this, and it didn't even bother her!Our future baseball star!!Miss Prissy walking around carrying her purse!Swing batter batter!!Trying to get their picture together before church on Sunday, but I failed!

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