Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yummy Meal under $5.00

So I have really got into the whole coupon/compeditor ad thing, and I have to brag on myself and say I went to the store yesterday and saved $11.00!! I went to a store that I knew doubled coupons. I have been inspired by the woman that was on Oprah that paid only $11.00 for a $75.00 bill. She used compeditor ads and doubled coupons. Steven got me a subscrption to the Sunday Oklahoman so that I can get the coupons!! I also made chicken alfredo tonight and when I added it all up it came out to $4.74!! Not many places you can go and feed 4 people on $4.74. It was really yummy and Steven Paul had himself seconds, and for him to eat it (cus hes such a picky eater) it has to be good!

I got this on sale for $1.40 each and had a coupon for .75/2. That coupon doubled so I got 2/1.55

This was on sale in a compeditor ad for $1.99. I had a coupon for .40 off. That coupon doubled and I got it for $1.19.

We buy chicken in bulk from sams, so I divided it out and used $2.00 worth of chicken!

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LauraC said...

Well you are going to die because in North Carolina, Harris Teeter does triple coupon promotions! They are running one right now. I get a ton of groceries for free during triples.

I always stock up during sales and HT doubles all coupons normally. I average about $150 a month in savings at the grocery store this way!