Saturday, May 2, 2009

Play Day!

Beth, Matt, and McKenzie came over today to play. It was so much fun sitting and chatting with Beth and letting the kiddos just hang out and play for a few hours. We are definitely going to miss them so much when they move. The boys had a BLAST. There was not ONE toy left in any of the toy boxes at the end of the day! The boys were so worn out after playing Steven Paul laid down as soon as they walked out the door and was out till I woke him up so that he would sleep tonight! Beth said both of her kids were knocked out the whole way home!So much fun!Just starting to play. Steven Paul emptied every puzzle he owns on the floor, and of course Rheanne has to be right in the middle of it.Rheanne playing with McKenzie, I wish that they could grow up together to be the best of friends!Steven Paul talking to McKenzie, she loved him!Matt having a blast!What a big girl she is, standing and playing all by herself!After playing for a while, ha!They were such big boys when we asked them to pick up. I really need to go threw all those toys, he has a ton.We got the swing out for McKenzie and I decided to put Rheanne in it when they left. She loved it! I might have to keep it out when I really need to get something done so I can keep my eye on her! She is way to big for it. Swinging to sleep.....

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The Jackson Journey said...

thanks for letting us come and mess up your house on Saturday! It was such a blast! Matt is still talking about playing at Steven Paul's house. (he is saying his name right now!) We have to do it again soon!