Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Everything Happens For A Reason!

UPDATE: So I went to the doctor today and they did another ultrasound and blood work and my uterus is completly flat and my PHL is low, so therefore I have already passed the clot and I didn't even know it. So everything is good!!

I've been missing for a week, but I'm back. We have had a very busy week! So let me fill yall in on our week. Last Tuesday night we got these.....We were so excited since we have been trying since January. I just came off my period but I had been cramping so I decided to take a test and they said YES!I went to the health department to get a real test and it said yes and the nurse said I was only 3 weeks along. Of course we were so happy and started telling a few people. I have always wondered why people wait to tell anyone that they are pregnant till they are further along, but now I know why. So Wednesday night I kinda started bleeding, it was a little weird but I didn't think much of it. Thursday when I got up my stomach was really hurting.And not just like cramps in my pelvic area but my whole stomach, and I was still bleeding. I called the doctor and she said that it is normal for some women but just to ease my mind I should go to the ER if it gets worse. I took some Tylenol and started feeling better and stopped bleeding by noon. Friday morning I got up and I had started bleeding again and I was in major pain. I go to work and then come home and wait for Steven to get home cus I was not about to take the 2 kids with me to the ER by myself. It was 7:30pm and he still wasn't home (the one day I need him home, he gets to work overtime any other time he would be home early) so I called a friend and she said she would watch the kids. So I go to the ER and I get there at 8:00pm. I only had to wait like 20 minutes and got right in. As soon as I get in they want a urine sample and me to change to one of those HUGE hospital gowns so they could get me up to an ultrasound. As the guy is doing the ultrasound, he starts asking if I have ever had problems with cyst or any other kind of problems. I tell him no because both of my other pregnancies were perfect. He tells me that there is fluid around my uterus and that he cant see anything in my uterus. I ask him if it is normal to have fluid around my uterus and he says "No, but your doctor will talk to you about it." And he leaves the room to go get someone to come and take me back to ER.Of course all kinds of things are going threw my mind. What in the world is going on. So I go back to the ER and Steven gets there. They draw blood, keep taking my blood pressure, and do a pelvic exam. So finally the doc comes in and says that they think that I have a ecktopic pregnancy, where the baby is growing in the fallopian tubes and that it is VERY dangerous and they want to admit me to the hospital because if the fallopian tube ruptures then it could kill me so they wanted to monitor me overnight and then do something about it in the morning. And they also think that I am actually 7 weeks along instead of 3. OK that's fine with me, that's the last thing I want is for something to happen. Steven leaves and goes to get the kids to take them home because by this point it is 12:00 am. So finally at 2:00 am I get up to my room and hook me up to everything you can imagine, IV, heart monitor, oxygen, blood pressure, these pantyhose things that help reduce blood clots, and some leg cuffs that help circulate the blood. They tell me that the doc will be in around 7 :00 am. I finally get to bed around 3:00am. At 6:00am they come in to get more blood and then the doc comes in a couple hours later. They had ordered the wrong test so they had to redo the test and it will take longer. She said she was going to send me for another ultrasound because if it is a tubal pregnancy then she was going to have to go in threw my c-section scar and cut it out. I asked her if it could be anything else and she said that I could have been having a miscarriage. At this point (I know it sounds bad) but I started praying that it was a miscarriage and not a tubal cus with a tubal you can have problems in the future getting pregnant. So I go in for another ultrasound and this time a radiologist was in there and she was telling the ultrasound lady where to go and what to zoom in on and all that. So the doc comes back in (hours later) and tell me that she saw a deflated sac in my uterus and my pregnancy hormone level had gone down and that it is a miscarriage and a ruptured cyst. Praise God! And I finally got to go home around 4:00pm. She said that I should pass a clot within a week or so, but I haven't yet.My parents came up just in case I was going to have to have surgery and to help with the kids.They took both kids back with them just in case I have to have a D & C.

Everyone keeps asking how I am doing and how I am handling it. I am OK with it. It would have been way harder if I would have ever seen a heartbeat and if I didn't have 2 wonderful, healthy, beautiful children already. I see it as everything happens for a reason and God has better plans. More than anything I am just happy that it was not a tubal, at least with a miscarriage we can start trying again soon!! And I feel great, I called the doctor today to see what was going on since I haven't bled since Friday morning and I am not hurting at all, but she hasn't called back yet, so we will see!

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I'm so glad you are ok! Miss you hon!