Monday, May 18, 2009

Meet Santa Clause Asher.....

We were mowing the yard the other day (yes, I mowed, I haven't mowed in years!) and Steven found a frog. Steven Paul said that he wanted to keep it, so I came in and made it a bottle that it could not jump out of! I asked him what he wanted to name it and he said Santa Clause Asher!!! WHAT where in the world did you get that name!?!?HA.. Rheanne did not know what to think of this thing that was going crazy in the bottle! When we went back outside, we found another one so we told Steven Paul that we should let Santa Clause Asher go so that he could be with his family! He agreed so we took both of the frogs to the front yard and let them free!So proud of his frog!And of course it went EVERYWHERE he went!Rheanne wondering what in the world this thing is!Setting both of them free!

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