Saturday, May 9, 2009

Back in the day!

You know those people who bought a million beanie babies back in the day because they thought that they were going to be worth a lot of money one day? Yea, well me and my mom were those people! We bought almost every beanie baby they made. My mom would be at the store they day they came out to get it. She found them the other day when she was cleaning out and brought a few up here for the kids, 60 to be exact! Steven Paul spent a couple of hours going threw them all and playing with every single one of them. I had fun going threw them and reading their names and birthday's. We found a monkey that has the same birthday as Steven Paul. When I go down to Texas next month I am going to go threw the rest of them and see if I can find one with Rheanne's birthday.
Some of them piled on Rheanne's horse.He said this one was his favorite. But he also said that about every single one that he picked up!Sitting with all the beanie babies!I will have to get these out when I need him occupied for a couple of hours!

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