Saturday, May 2, 2009


So Friday morning I was reading my daily devotional and it was about how we dint need to have such scheduled lives that God needs to be in control of our lives.It was saying that God will throw things in our lives that throw us for a loop just to show us that he is in control. Also that we shouldn't get so upset when God does throw things in there and messes up our "scheduled" life. So at school Steven Paul pooped in his pants, he NEVER does that , he has only had like 3 accidents since he has been potty trained, anyway I was MAD cus when I asked him why he did it he had a smirk on his face and would just say, "I don't know." So I'm changing him and it hits me, God is totally throwing me for a loop. I just start laughing and I'm like, Ok I really should not have got mad about this. Steven Paul looks at me with the most PRECIOUS eyes ever and said,"Mommy it was just an akadent."--Here is the part of devotional that I keep repeating I'm my head. "We are to live our lives that are, in a way, out of control. Because only when we are out of control can God be in control!"--
So when your child gets sick the morning you have a big meeting, your car breaks down on your way to work, or your day just gets completely messed up, just remember God is in control!!

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Megan said...

Your blog today was great---It reminded me of one of my favorite quotes: "When I can't control everything around me, everything around me seems to be a reminder of just how in control God really is."Thanks for sharing!! Loved it!!!