Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just The Two of Us!

My parents took both kids back with them on Sunday, so it has just been me and Steven. We have had so much fun just hanging out together! Sunday we just went to the movie store and got movies and laid around all day and watched them after my parents left. Since I had been feeling fine, I suggested that we take our bikes and ride around Lake Hefner on Monday. It was so much fun and there were so many people there riding as well. We rode around the whole lake witch is about 10 miles. The lake is beautiful and really made me want go to fishing, camping, and swimming. We had so much fun and cant wait to go back and do it with the kids.
Tuesday, we went and played tennis and it was HOT! We haven't played in forever and it was a blast. When we got home we went on another bike ride just around a few neighborhoods.Then we came home and watched some more movies! It is so nice watching movies during the day and not having to wait until the kids are in bed!Wednesday was back to work days for both of us!

I leave Saturday to go to Texas for a month and work that summer camp that I have worked the past 3 years. So having this week all by ourselves has been great,but of course we cant go a day without talking to our precious kiddos (I have to admit, I call all day!Ha).


Family of Four said...

Sounds like fun!! :) I'm glad you are feeling well and enjoying yourselves! :) Have fun in Texas! :)

Carlos and Jamie said...

I'm gonna miss you!!!! I'll be in Texas next weekend running a 5k. We need to get together. Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!