Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!

It had rained for like the past week here and finally yesterday it stopped. On Tuesday we were so tired of sitting at home because of the rain, we decided to take the kids to the city and go to the mall to eat, let them play and waste time walking around. Steven Paul had so much fun climbing on the baseball or the flowers and jumping off. Rheanne on the other hand had a blast playing with the stroller! It was so nice because there were not many kids and there were no huge kids running around playing tag and jumping off the big toys onto the little kids (I get so mad about this, I don't know how many moms I have almost got into it with because of their 13 year old kids playing in the toddler section.Ugh!) It was a great day!
Rheanne watching other kids playing. Steven Paul "taking a break" on the turtle!Rheanne was following her brother everywhere!After a few minutes of playing, she decided the stroller was more interesting!HA I have know idea what in the world he is doing. Look at that face!

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