Saturday, May 9, 2009

Busy Weekend...

My parents and brother came up for Mother's Day and baby dedication at church. They didn't get here till late last night, so we didn't get to hang out long. We got up early this morning and started our day. We went to a few garage sales (one of my favorite things to do on Saturday's) but didn't find much. We went to IHOP for breakfast and I have NEVER seen Rheanne eat so much. I had to finally cut her off. She can out eat her brother, and I'm not over exaggerating! She is a little piglet! And she's not picky at all, you put ANYTHING in front of her and she will gobble it up. I had some flaming hot Cheetos the other day, her and Steven Paul wanted some, I gave them both a chip and Steven Paul started coughing cus it was hot and she was doing sigh language for more. After IHOP we went to Kohl's and found her a dress for baby dedication. We came home and everyone took a nap for at least 2 hours, I woke Rheanne up after 31/2 hours. She had her belly full and was sleeping good! After nap we went to the park and fed the ducks. I guess they had been fed because they were not going after the bread like they usually do. For dinner my brother and dad made steaks and potatoes and they were YUMMY. I'm so glad that they came up for this special occasion. I'm heading to bed, we have a big day tomorrow!Rheanne having so much fun with Popa!Having so much fun, Rheanne was laughing so hard at her brother!There is usually about 50 ducks, but today there were only 2. We found the others when we were leaving, they were hiding from everyone!He said he was pitching to the ducks.Look at that face!! This girl cracks me up with some of her facial expressions!
He loves feeding the ducks.I'm so proud of myself, we had a lady come to MOPS and show us how to make hair bows. I got ribbon and made Rheanne a bow to match her dress for church tomorrow! Still need some practice!

Steven Paul playing with his weed eater that he got. I can not wait till the batteries go down!

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