Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2 Poopy Days..........Literally!!

So our past 2 days have included lots of laundry, cleaning the bathroom/bedroom, and POOP! Yesterday when Steven got home he walked into a horrible smell. Lady had pooped and threw up all on her bed and in her kennel. So when I got home he was in the backyard cleaning out the cage. He threw her HUGE pillow into the wash and we gave her a bath. My bathroom was a DI ASTER by the time we were done bathing/drying her. Then last night Steven Paul threw up all in the bathtub and that had to be cleaned up.
Last night when Steven Paul was saying that his tummy was hurting, I gave him some kids laxative medicine, well when he threw up I thought that he probably threw it all up. Well at 7:00 this morning, he ran into our bathroom and started pooping as you can imagine....it was EVERYWHERE!
Rheanne woke up this morning and instead of letting us know she was awake, she decided to take her her diaper off and play in her poop. Yea GROSS I know! Steven walked by her room and smelt it. He walked in and she had it all over her hands and then held her arms out for him to pick her up. Ha. He put her in the bath and while I bathed her he cleaned her bed. It was all over her sheets, all on the bumper, and on the railings. She had it seriously from head to toe! So disgusting. Hopefully we are done with poop for a while, don't know how much more Steven can stand cleaning up.


MeMe Tosh said...

I hope they are all cleaned out by this weekend!!! Gota love those babies!!!!

Megan said...

Sounds like you had a "crappy" day!! Sorry ----I couldn't resist!!!! Hope it gets better--love you---Megan