Friday, May 8, 2009


Steven Paul is at that age where you never know what is going to come out of his mouth. He defiantly keeps me laughing and he can say the sweetest things. Over the past few days he has said a few things I want to jot down, so when he is older we can look back and laugh!

We took the kids to the mall the other day to play (Post with pictures coming soon) and it was raining. When we got home we were playing on the floor and the bottom of my bluejeans were wet cus of the rain.

--Steven Paul-"Mommy your pants are wet!"

--Me- "I know, its from the rain."

--SP-"Mommy, did you pee pee in your pants?"

Haha I just started laughing.

We were getting ready to take a nap yesterday and I wanted one too so I put Steven Paul in the bed with me. I asked him if he wanted to snuggle cus he usually does.

--Me- "Do you want to snuggle?"

--SP- "Sure Mommy."

--Me- " I love snuggling with you, its my most favorite thing to do."

--SP- "Really Mommy, cus its not my favorite thing to do."

--Me-"Aw really, what is your favorite thing to do?"

--SP-"To play outside, and to see Memaw and Pepaw and Meme and Popa"

I guess I'm chopped liver now!

This morning when we were getting ready for school, Steven Paul was sitting at the table. I threw a dirty diaper in the trash. He started breathing in and goes:

--SP-"Mommy I smell something."

--Me-"Really what is it?"

--SP-"I don't know but I think that I am smelling your feet."

--Me-"My feet?!"

--SP-"Yes Mommy that is it, I'm smelling your feet."

SERIOUSLY?? Where in the world does he come up with this stuff! I love this age, he is so much fun to carry on a conversation with, cus like I said you never know what he is going to say.

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