Monday, May 18, 2009

Science Museum....

We took the kids to the science museum the other day and had so much fun! They have so much to see and do. I wish we would have had more time to see everything but we didn't get there till 3 and they close at 5. I can not wait to go back without the kids so we can actually see and read everything! Their special was Ship Wreck and it was really interesting. They had a tube that you can stand in and feel like you are in a hurricane. They have a slide that is as high as a 3 story building!!! So much fun! If you live in Oklahoma or you are passing threw, you must see it!The longer you hold your hand on there, it gets warmer and changes colors.Playing at the bubble table!Steven and Steven Paul sliding down the huge slide! It was so narrow so it was hard to get down!Rheanne in front of a huge picture of a pirate that they had! Arrr!!Inside the hurricane tube! This was so cool! They were just getting in so the wind wasn't really blowing!They had a lot of different illusion stuff. If you look really close you can see what looks like people talking to each other in the back.Captain Steven Paul!Checking out the enormous train track that they had.I told him to show me his pretty teeth! He always says,"I have to brush my teeth so they don't turn yellow!"In the mirror maze, Rheanne didn't know what to think of all those babies she was seeing!Looking at all the fish in the fish tank!In front of a space simulator!

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