Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm in Love!

We bought bikes and a bike trailer yesterday and I'm so in love with my bike. We went on a ride when we got home with them and stayed gone for almost 2 hours.I must say, I am REALLY sore today. Its such a blast riding as a family.The kids LOVE riding in the trailer. Steven Paul kept asking to go on a bike ride so we went after nap and after we ate dinner. They just sit back there looking around.We rode all around the neighborhood and to two different parks that are close by. This is my bike....I tried taking a picture with my camera but you cant see how cute it really is. Steven's bike, his is mint green though.
This is the kids riding yesterday. They had so much fun.
Steven pulling the kids today. I pulled them yesterday and it is tough.
The kids riding today. I thought Rheanne was going to fall asleep while riding.

I have to put this picture up, it cracks me up!!

Riding along!!


Megan said...

Where are your bike helmets? Living in Vermont,I notice these things now. It is a law here. I hope you and Steve have helmets to match those bikes!!! Don't you love the chariot? My kids(Ethan is HUGE in it) loved this last summer and Joel took them around everywhere!!!

Jennifer Martinez said...

Is it hard to pull them in the trailer? We bought a seat that attaches that I put on my bike and it is super hard to balance Matheo (especially cause he is 40lbs now) in it. We've been thinking about getting one of those....