Monday, June 6, 2011


I have been MIA for a while because I have been trying to get everything done and prepared for our trip. The kids and I leave on Wednesday to go here.......
for almost 2 months! We are soooo stinking excited and can not wait to see everyone back home! We are also super excited to go see our friends in Oklahoma! So I will be back into the blogging world sometime! Wish me luck as I fly half way across the country will all 3 kids by myself.....benadryl anyone??just kidding....kinda:)!!

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Jennifer Martinez said...

Hey I wondered about benadryl myself for Sam. I am flying this month to Ohio with her. You definately have me out numbered with all the little ones you are taking and ALONE! Hope the flight is straight. Anyway, for real, have you ever given your kiddos anything to relax with? : )