Friday, August 19, 2011

Harmony Rose

Harmony is now 81/2 months old and getting so big. She is crawling EVERYWHERE and getting into EVERYTHING!!! She has the best personality and is happy all the time! She went to the doctor yesterday and had to get her 6 month shots since we were out of town when she was 6 months old and didn't even cry! She got 4 (poor baby) and was just smiling at everyone in the office after. She weighed 19lbs 14 oz. She has 8 teeth (2 more are almost through). She is always saying Dada and waving at everyone! She is just so much fun!!

Her onesie says "My mom doesn't want your advice" I had to get it because I always have old women coming to me saying something!
She thinks she is such a big girl now that she can pull up!!
Sometimes when I think she is napping, she is actually in there standing up talking and laughing to herself! So cute! I love this age!

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Meme Tosh said...

She is MeMe's little sweetheart!!!! We love and Miss ya'll!!