Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween '09!

I know it has been a week since Halloween, but I am just getting around to putting the pics on my computer! My parents came up to go with us trick-or-treating. Steven Paul was the only one who got to go because Rheanne got sick:( Friday night her nose started running so i gave her some benadryl. NEVER AGAIN will I make that mistake! She was up till 4 in the morning HYPER! When she got up Saturday, she was acting like she didn't feel good, but we just thought it was because she didn't sleep well the night before.Well, she started running 101.2 fever and was not acting well at all. I gave her Tylenol (note-this child will NOT take medicine, I have to sit on top of her and hold her head to even get it in her mouth, well then she started spitting it back out or choking on it so now I have to just mix it with her drink) and she started doing better. Then later in the week she started coughing, having a yucky nose, and SUPER fussy! I took her to the doc and the tube in her right ear was clogged and infected! So she is on medicine and ear drops. When she sees me getting the ear drops she starts crying and yelling NO!
Anyways,Steven Paul had a blast getting candy! He filled up his bag and said, "It's time to go home and get another bag to fill up." that is way too much candy! I didn't get any pictures of him trick-or-treating. I already got their costumes for next year for half price of course!The most handsome Spiderman ever!Ha I am wearing Steven's costume from last year!She's feeling a little better!

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karen said...

Thomas always hated the ear drops when he had tubes - said they hurt, so we didn't use them.