Monday, November 2, 2009

Hometown Weekend

A couple of weekends ago I went home for a baby shower for my good friend Gina! I got to see friends that I have not seen since high school (that is nearly 6 years ago, wow we are getting old). It was great getting together again and talking about old times! I love these girls so much and can't wait to get together again!Gina is due the end of December and is having a girl! No name has been decided yet! She looks so stinkin cute pregnant and I can not wait to meet her sweet lil girl!She got some really great gifts!And some adorable outfits!Rheanne loved the cake of course!Dana acting silly as usual! Nothing has changed since high school!Great girls! From the order of this photo, Dana is next on having kids!! Courtney had a lil boy and then a lil girl. then I had a lil boy and a lil girl, and not Gina is having a girl!!Rheanne loved Emily!I have not seen Emily since my wedding! She is the most beautiful girl inside and out! I can't go 3 years without seeing her again!Chatting away!
After the shower, we all went to eat and met with Melissa! None of us have seen her since high school cus she moved away!It was so great getting to hang out and catch up with everyone! While we were eating we saw another group of people that we graduated with and chatted with them for a bit! I don't miss high school but I sure miss my girlies!
Melissa, Dana, and Gina!Me, Emily, and Courtney!Me and Em again!I look like the pregnant one here!

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Katie said...

what a cute preggo ;)