Monday, February 28, 2011


Steven Paul is the shiest kid I have ever met. When he meets new people he just goes speechless. He hates being the center of attention when people that he don't know are around. He was so excited to play t-ball and has been asking me how many more days until he gets to play. On Saturday, we had meet the team and he was not thrilled at all. When he found out he had to go up on the stage when his name was called he decided that he didn't want to play anymore. He was not happy when I told him that he had to go up there and put on his team hat.
Here he is waiting for his name to be called.
Putting on his team hat. He is on the Rangers! Steven and his dad are going to be coaching the team and I am team mom! I am soooo excited about this season. I have looked forward to this day since the day Steven Paul was born. I couldn't wait for him to play.We start practice tomorrow and I cant wait to see how this is going to go! I know it is going to be so funny watching all these kids play for the first time.We have been practicing with Steven Paul since he was little, so I am super excited to see his baseball skills put to the test. He has an awesome arm on him and can hit the ball (pitched to him, not off the T) really hard! He looks so mad in this pic. I told him that I can not wait for him to play and he said " And I cant wait for you to cheer for me." GO Rangers!

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That's Mrs. Sandoval to You said...

So funny, everything you just said is Jeremiah to a T!! excpet the shy part we cant get him to stop but same thing he just started tball games too and has been playing with pj forever and is SOoo GOOD TOO! So cute we have to get them together to play catch. Our husbands would be so proud of their lil guys playing ball together. miss you guys