Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crazy Day

Well today was pretty CRAZY!! We had major storms that came with hail (almost the size of baseballs) and tornado warnings. The day started out like a normal day, then when we were getting dressed to head out the door, and it started raining. No big deal then out of no where it starts hailing, we start watching the news and we see that the storm could produce tornados. Then the school sirens start going off and we get in the closet. It was so scary. Well long story short, we had to get in the closet 3 times and luckily we had no damage. The tornado touched down about 10 miles north of us. Here are a few pics of the hail, pretty amazing! We now know what we are doing with our tax return.......GETTING A STORM SHELTER!!!
This is not snow, it's hail!!

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The Jackson Journey said...

that is crazy! so glad you guys are ok!