Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Really Extremely Long Post

**I can''t seem to get my pictures to upload correctly and in order. I am just going to post pics and tell about them they are in no certain order. I will do more catching up tomorrow! Next up ready its going to be extra long as well!!
These next three pictures are from my work Christmas party.... December was full of baby showers, birthday parties and holiday parties....

So I win the award for the WORST blogger ever!! I can not believe that I have not blogged in what 6 weeks or so!!!We have been SO busy with the holidays. We had family here and then went to Texas. I am going to catch everyone up with this one post(Christmas will be its own post). So be ready your retnas are going to bleed from looking at so many pictures! So where do I start.....lets see Thanksgiving, it was just me and Steven. The kids were in Texas with my parent so we cooked us a turkey and enjoyed the day with just the two of us!
Thanksgiving weekend I went to Texas to get the kids and see the family. We hung out with my parents, brother and Nana!

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