Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dora Dora Dora.....The Explorer!!

Yesterday we had Rheanne's 2nd birthday party. She loves Dora so that is what we did for her party. It was snowing and yucky weather so only 2 people came. The same thing happened last year and we had to reschedule her party, this year my family had already came up so we decide to go ahead and have it! She got so many awesome gifts!! Can't believe my baby is 2!! I loved these cupcakes, they matched the decor perfectly!!Rheanne's own cupcake!!
We had ribs and brisket, Steven Paul loves ribs!!
The decorations!
Meme with her grandbabies!
Love her shirt!!
She was so happy when she saw all the Dora stuff......she kept saying "My Dora, My Dora!"
Sister and Brother!
Over taking pictures!Haha look at Rheanne's face!
Nana with her great-grandkids!Family picture!!Love my lil family!
Love this kid! So glad J.C. came......he is so cute!
This chick loves eating!
She loved all her presents!Her sleeping Dora doll......Thanks J.C.
Blowing out her candle, with the help of her brother!
He waited all day for a cupcake!
She loved them!
Rheanne's friend Kyley!
Kyley's brother's Tristen and Caden!
Sweet face!
Thanks Nana for the dress up items.....she loves them!
Just like her momma, loves talking on the phone!
Ha he got a hold of her lipstick!
Haha! This will be a great pic for his senior yearbook!
Making Rheanne pretty!
She LOVED the makeup!! She had it all over her face!Looking at herself in the mirror!
Such a girly girl!Getting more makeup to put on!
After a long day of playing she was worn out!!

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