Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Savage!

Some of our good friends got married in January and we had a great time at the reception catching up with old friends that we had not seen in a while! We all said that we are going to get together more often, but who knows.....everyone is so busy. The reception was beautiful and so much fun! Steven and Charlie having fun!Brandon, Blair, Me and Steven at the bar after the reception!Steven, Don, Corey, Ponder, and John........they all played baseball together at OU!!
Sweetest girl ever!
Brandon and Steven.......
They are the cutest, sweetest, couple!!Charlie and Sarah!Corey trying to be the server!Brandon caught the garter!!The happy couple!Love this girly!!The BEAUTIFUL bride!!SHOT!!Best Buddies!
The cake was amazing!
Mr. and Mrs. Will SavageMe and Christina!Getting advise from a couple that have been married for 65 years!!My LOVE!
The Brownell's!

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