Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blog Challenge- Day 7

Day 7- My favorite movie
I know this movie is really old but I can't help but pick it as my favorite! I could sit and watch this movie over and over! If you have never seen it, rent it! You will love it!
And this is my hubby favorite movie........

It is the LLLOOOONNNNGGGEEESSTT movie EVER! He can sit there and watch this movie every time it is on TV! I have never been able to sit through the whole thing, just doesn't seem that interesting to me.

This is Steven Paul's favorite movie.......

When he was younger he would watch it on repeat. He is still a Cars fan, but doesn't watch it near as much.

And this is Rheanne's favorite movie.......

She is obsessed with this movie. We watch it ALL the time. Every time she sees something with Tinkerbell or a fairy on it she says, "That's my favorite" she LOVES this movie.

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