Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blog Challenge- Day 9

Day 9- Picture of your friends
We have so many different groups of friends I don't have a picture of all of them! Here are some friends that we have been friends with the longest.......
This pictures was taken back in 7th grade.....we were all so young! A little about everyone....Gina- has the most beautiful baby girl, Me, April-Pretty sure she lives in Austin, Melissa-lives in Houston and works with my BFF Courtney, Lindsay-Lives in Denton and I believe is still going to school, Holly-has a son that is 2 days older than Steven Paul and so stinkin cute, Heather-is married with 2 beautiful children, Dana-we are all still waiting on her to get married COME ON DANA GET WITH IT! Courtney-married with 2 adorable children that I can not believe have grown up so fast, Lilly-not sure where she is.
Here we are last year at Gina's baby shower. Emily-getting married in a few short weeks and I am so excited for her, Dana, Gina, Me, and Courtney.
These are my girls!!! We can always call on each other when we need a good laugh or good advice! We have worked together the past 3 years at the Upward Bound summer camp! Love them!
I Have so many other amazing friends but I don't have any pictures of us together on this computer!

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