Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas......A Week Late

Finally I have a chance to sit down and blog about Christmas this year! This was our first Christmas here in California. I have to admit it was a little sad because this was the first time in 25 YEARS that I did not have Christmas with my family! It didn't feel like Christmas, I am so used to it being really cold and sometimes even snow on the ground at Christmas time. The weather was beautiful here! The kid's got SOOOO many gifts. I just finished cleaning out their old toys, and replacing them with all the toys they got for Christmas. Yes, it took me a week! We enjoyed Christmas with Steven's family and stayed up till 2 in the am chatting away! Here are a million pictures (all backwards).
Rheanne LOVED watching the Disney Christmas parade. She kept waving at all the princesses.
This was Harmony's first Christmas! I can't wait till next year when she will know what is going on!
I loved her outfit! It said "Santa Baby"One of Steven Paul's favorite toys he got.....his own laptop!Somebody got into mom's lipstick!She loves her smurf!Playing his smart cycle.....another one of his favorite toys!It took them forever to open everything because they had SO much!Opening a gift from Nana!Being silly....like always!
Waiting for all the gifts to be given out.Opening gifts from Santa...She was soo excited about her new baby doll!Looking at their big gifts from Santa......They were so excited to see what Santa had brought.....Waiting to see what Santa had left for them.........Gifts from Santa.....Still waiting.....getting really anxious......Love it!
Rheanne and Auntie Michelle......people always tell us that they look alike!He loves his Auntie!The tree with all the gifts!She loves her new PJ's!I just love that smile!

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