Monday, October 5, 2009

Czech Fest

On Saturday while Steven was working, the kids and I met up with some friends from work and went to the Czech Fest here in Yukon. This was our first year to go and the kids really enjoyed it! We went to the parade where Steven Paul stocked up on candy then headed to walk around and look at the crafts. We saw so many children from school! On the walk back to the car, I noticed that Rheanne only had one shoe on! She had taken the other one off and threw it down somewhere! I back tracked to every where we went and could never find it! I was bummed because that was only her 3rd time wearing them. I looked online to get some more but I couldn't find them. I bought them when I was pregnant with her because they were on sale for a great price, and she is just not fitting into them! I am sure that they don't make them anymore :Eating some candy and watching the parade!The oldest princess I have ever seen riding in a parade! She reminded me of my Mimmy!Wanting out of the stroller!I have always loved watching these little cars!He loves firetrucks! Had to give her a sucker to keep her quiet!You can't go to a fair without getting a corn dog!I got these cute saying for only.....a DOLLAR!!This one was $5, but I thought it would be so cute in the window!I got Steven Paul a sign to hand on his door!It is made out of a ceiling tile! So easy to make!

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