Saturday, October 31, 2009


On this day last year, Rheanne got tubes put into her ears! She was only 7 months old, but she had already had 6 ear infections. Her first ear infection was when she was 3 WEEKS old!Poor thing! She was a changed baby the same day she got the tubes!Before tubes all she did was cry...ALL THE TIME!!! After she got over being fussy from the surgery, she started crawling (before she would sit on the floor screaming), eating baby food (because she would not eat ANYTHING before, only drink milk) and started sleeping threw the night!All in the same day!!! She could not eat anything after midnight the night before so I woke her up at 11:45 and tried feeding her cereal but she was not having it! Right before she went back for surgery! It only took 10 minutes but it seemed like forever cus I couldn't be with her!
She hated the braclets around her ankles!That night!Totally different person!

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