Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Lady!

Our chocolate lab turns 1 today (well in dog years she's 7)! I can not believe that in 6 weeks it will be a year that we have had her! This year has flown by! She is such a great dog with the kids! She will let them ride her and she loves it when they sit there and rub her belly! She can be a brat but she really is a great dog!She is so smart and she was pretty much potty trained 2 days after we got her!Happy Birthday Lady! This was the day we brought her home!She was 6 weeks old!She still to this day sleeps like this!Last Christmas!Trying to get a picture of the three kids!Getting so big!March 2009!I'm so sad this turned out blurry! It would have been a great pic!October 3, 2009-1 Year Old!


kasandria said...

Happy Belated Birthday Lady! She is such a pretty dog!

The Queen of Clearance. said...

she is too cute!

karen said...

She and Will's black lab are close to the same age, but they got him at the animal shelter, so I don't think they know his birthday. He has a facebook page - look for Toby Glenn.