Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday To You.....

Last weekend we had a party for Steven Paul and he had so much fun having all his friends over to celebrate. All the kids had the best of time and it was great seeing everyone! We are so happy that we had most of the family here to celebrate with us! I can not believe our sweet boy is 3!!
Enjoying his special cup-cake!
Christian helping Steven Paul blow out his candles!
Opening one of his many gifts!
Singing Happy Birthday To you!
Rheanne and Elizabeth decided to just play in the pool!
Some of the kids eating!
Having a blast!
Steven Paul, Logan, and Eli playing!
The front of the house. We just put some balloons out!
Trying to get his picture beside the balloon!
All the decorations!
The cute cup-cakes! I am so happy how they turned out!
Chocolate dipped banana's! Yummy!
Some of the cup-cakes!
The table....
Steven Paul's special cup-cake!
More pictures of the table... I had so much fun decorating for this party!

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