Sunday, August 23, 2009

Steven Paul

Steven Paul had his 3 year check up the other day and he did SO great! In the past he hasn't been the biggest fan of the doctor, but this time I was preparing him for a few days, that he was going to go see the nice doctor, and she was going to look in his ears, mouth, weigh him, Etc. and when we got in there he did GREAT! He was talking to her like he had known her for years, which is crazy because he is SUPER shy! He weighed 42.4lbs and was 40 in tall! She said he is super healthy and that he is really advanced for his age! :) That makes me really happy!!

He is still the funniest kid that I know!EVERY Saturday we get up and head out to garage sales so this kid knows when he sees a garage sale! So we were driving the other day and we passed a redneck house(you know where there is junk all in the yard, but they are not having a yard sale) and he said "Look mom, a garage sale!" I said, "You like garage sales just like me don't you?" His reply " Yes, and I like cookies, and candy, and vegetable, and icee's, and milk." He defiantly gets his sweet tooth from me!

They called me into work early the other day so we were rushing to get ready. He had went poop earlier in the morning and wanted to put his undies on all by himself, so I let him. When I was dressing him, he kept saying, "I have a wedgie mom!" So I look and his undies are on completely wrong! So I take them off and start dressing him again and he was saying "I want to do it, I want to do it." But we were rushing so I did it and put him in the car! The whole way to work, he wasn't talking to me when usually he wont STOP talking. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that he was mad at me because I wouldn't let him pull up his pants! WOW!
So in the middle of the day his teacher came to me laughing so hard! She said your son cracks me up! I asked why and she said "We were getting in line to go outside and he came up to me and said Mrs. Amanda, I am mad at my mom," she asked him why and he said because she wouldn't let me pull my pants up!"
He is soooo shy and has NEVER even spoke 2 words to his teacher. So when I saw him later in the day he was STILL mad at me and acted like he didn't even know who I was. He gets holding grudges from his dad!

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